Macc is now more aggressive, thanks to public tip-off, says Dzulkifli

PEKAN: The increase in the number of arrests and prosecution of corruption cases of late did not mean that corruption in Malaysia is on the rise.

Instead, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Macc) chief commissioner Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad said the increase was due to the aggressive action taken by the Macc following tip-off from various quarters, including members of the public.

"Corruption is not a new issue, it has been occurring for a long time. It's just that we are more aggressive now in terms of enforcement and action, but it does not mean that more people are taking bribe ... no!
"The more aggressive we get, the more arrests we made, but don't get confused and say that corruption is on the rise.

Our aggressiveness (in fighting corruption) has enhanced the public confidence in the Macc. Maybe the number of corruption cases in the future will decline as people had begun to feel afraid (to commit the crime)," he told a press conference today.

Dzulkifli said the go-to-the-ground programme had also brought the people closer to the agency and it was evident when more and more people were willing to come forward to channel information about corruption and abuse of power to the Macc.

He was met after the launch of Macc's Kembara Jelajah Anti Rasuah 2017 (Kejar'17) convoy programme at the Kuala Pahang Rural Transformation Centre near here today.

The convoy participants were flagged off by Menteri Besar Pahang Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob. Also present was Pahang Macc director Datuk Alias Salim.

Meanwhile, Adnan said he and all members of Pahang state executive council would participate in the Gerakan Revolusi Anti Rasuah (Gerah) movement in support of the Macc's efforts to fight corruption and power abuse.

He said they would be followed by all the 42 assemblymen, heads of departments and government agencies in the state.

"This is our first step. Next, we will ask all public officers to go to the ground and join in as Gerah members to become the ears and eyes of the Macc," the menteri besar added.

Pahang is the sixth state visited by the convoy participants, who travelled on 43 high-powered motorcycles.

The convoy, which aims to cover 12 states in the peninsula and a total distance of 2,385km, kicked off on Sept 18.

During their visit here today, the Macc also presented 50 safety jackets to fishermen in Kuala Pahang and donated five stone tables for the recreational area in the district. — Bernama