Starbucks Autumn edibles

STARBUCKS Malaysia celebrates the Autumn season with a fabulous array of food, beverages and merchandise. While the seasonal new beverages were featured on Tuesday, today we put the spotlight on Starbucks’ Autumn delicious food options and attractive merchandise.


Not much thought needed to try or not these new additions to the Starbucks foodmenu. Comprising a selection of sweet and savoury food items, they complement a cuppa and make great take-aways to be enjoyed at thework desk or even at home.

For the health conscious, try the Smoked Salmon Bistro that offers a healthy tortilla wrap filled with smoked salmon and coral salad, dressed with roasted red pepper sauce and cut to bite-size pieces. These come with a side of fresh vegetables and caesar dressing.

Fans of ciabatta bread will drool over Sloppy Joe. Indulge in a “sloppy” yet “heavenly” combination of savoury and tangy tomato chicken and melted cheese sandwiched between a toasted ciabatta loaf. Indulge in this simple and straightforward delectable creation said to satisfy all appetites.

Another quick and tasty bite that is creatively and delightfully put together is the Croissant Baguette with Smoked Chicken and Cheese. This makes for a yummy quick and light meal, ideally had with a cup of coffee or tea. Sink your teeth into a flaky croissant baguette that is cut in two and spread with white sauce on both halves, then filled with savoury smoked slices of chicken, slapped on with cheese and toasted to perfection.

Those with a penchant for something sweet can satisfy their craving over Starbucks’ Toaster Cake 2’s. This comprises thick, round-shaped American-style pancakes with a soft cake-like texture that offers a slightly sweetened snack or dessert with hints of vanilla essence. Choose from a selection of condiments to go with it, from butter, chocolate syrup or caramel drizzle, and satiate your sweet tooth desires.


Complementing Starbucks’ food and beverage Autumn offerings is a selection of fine-looking anniversary merchandise, ideal as gifts or for keeps. Each, individually crafted, reflects the company’s “Siren” heritage, designed in unique shades of blue and teal, pastel pink and copper.