Harrowing experience at Serdang Hospital

I RUSHED to Serdang Hospital last Saturday to visit my aunt who had a stroke. She was rushed to Serdang Hospital as my cousin lives in Puchong. I was shocked to see a wave of cars as I entered the beautiful hospital. I had to drive around for more than 35 minutes before I parked on the road shoulder. There were cars parked everywhere.

I walked into the emergency area, as my aunt was in Critical (red) zone. I saw her lying motionless hooked up to wires and gadgets monitoring her condition. My cousin, who was monitoring her, was surprised to see my aunt wet the bed because she had an uncontrollable bladder. The nurses and the doctor were busy with the other patients.

When my cousin approached a nurse, she was told that the nurses were busy and my cousin was asked to put my aunt on pampers herself. My cousin approached a medical officer and asked him why a catheter was not fixed to my aunt. The MO said that he was not instructed to do so. My cousin then rushed out to buy pampers, by then my aunt was drenched with urine.

While my cousin was changing my aunt, I went to the waiting area. It was filled with people, who were standing as there were not enough chairs for the families who were waiting.

I dashed to the toilet and was shocked. The water commode covers were missing. Water was leaking from every faucet. The toilet floor was wet, with me hoping to ease myself. Surprisingly there were no urinals only toilets.

My cousin who visited the ladies toilet was in for a bigger shock. She said the floor was tainted with blood and urine. Parts of the ceiling in the ladies' the toilet were missing. The toilets were dirty. The water was everywhere. There were no cleaners to be seen.

I am writing this to seek the attention of the Ministry of Health or the hospital authorities to visit this hospital and see first-hand what is happening at this million dollar investment. This is a state of the art hospital with a total area of 129,000m² and 620 beds. It cost RM690 million to build and is on the electronic hospital network. It was also listed as an IBS Project in Malaysia in 2005.

For a start, the car park must be monitored and there is a need for a multi-storey car park.

The patient care must be improved as we cannot let the patient have a horrible experience while they are ill and immobile.

The toilets are a shame. If the hospital's administration does not know the importance of cleanliness or maintenance they should visit the Plus toilet management.

We cannot have superstructures without super maintenance and proper care in all our hospitals. The Ministry of Health must at once audit the procedures and appoint effective managers to run this million-dollar hospital.

Kuala Lumpur