All aboard on the SuperStar Libra

STAR CRUISES recently announced that its SuperStar Libra cruise ship will now be able to embark and ­disembark passengers at three home ports.

"We are extremely delighted with SuperStar Libra's new deployment in Kuala Lumpur (via Port Klang), together with Penang and Phuket," said Star Cruises president Ang Moo Lim in a statement.

Previously, the cruise liner had only one home port – Penang.

Genting Hong Kong Ltd corporate ­communications assistant vice president Ong Hsieh Lien said: "The deployment of the new home ports for the SuperStar Libra means that the ship can pick up and drop off passengers at all three home ports. This is different from a port of call, where a ship stops on a voyage."\

He added that the SuperStar Libra would host two cruises per week – the first for three nights, and the other, for four nights.

On the three-night cruise, the SuperStar Libra would stop at all three of its home ports, while on the four-night cruise, the ship will stop at an additional destination – Langkawi.

Genting Cruise Lines sales vice president Cynthia Lee said that in Nov, Star Cruises will be adding a new destination to its existing four-night cruise – the Mergui ­Archipelago, South of Myanmar – but only for selected trips in place of Langkawi.

The 42,285-tonne SuperStar Libra has 718 cabins and can carry 1,436 passengers.

It is equipped with eight bars and ­restaurants, including halal eateries, a suite of recreation and wellness activities, and a plethora of entertainment shows.

Genting Cruise Lines is a division of Genting Hong Kong, while Star Cruises is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Hong Kong.