I am fulfilling religious obligation, says Muslim-only laundry service operator

PETALING JAYA: The operator of the Muslim-only self-service laundry shop in Muar has said he doesn't want the issue to played up as he is only fulfilling his religious obligation.

The unnamed operator told Sin Chew Daily that he is merely complying with the doctrine of Islam and he hopes that all would be able to understand him.

He said since the advisor of Johor Islamic Affairs Department has responded to the matter earlier, he hoped all parties and non-Muslims would to understand his reason for the operation.

He said Muslims would not want to be wearing clothes tainted with faecal matter from dogs when going for prayers. He said the Muslim-only launderette would ensure clothes were not contaminated.

The self-service laundry shop at Jalan Junid became a talking point due to its signage that read "only meant for Muslim customers". It was later changed to "Muslim-friendly".

Johor Islamic Affairs Department advisor Datuk Noh Gadut was supportive of the Muslim-only service. It helped to remind Muslims to pay attention to issue of clothes tainted with faecal matter from dogs and pigs, he said.

Johor Mufti Datuk Mohd Tahrir Samsudin concurred, saying cleanliness and sanctity were most important for Muslims.