Waiter slips, scalds boy at hot pot restaurant (Video)

A screengrab from the video shows the waiter losing his balance.
A screengrab from the video shows the moment the hot soup spills on the boy.

A VIDEO of a boy being scalded with scorching hot soup has gone viral on social media and is being picked up by news portals across the globe.

The shocking CCTV footage shows a boy playing with a mobile phone while a waiter carries the pot of boiling soup to his table at a restaurant in Yongzhou City in China.

The waiter loses his footing and sends a wave of hot soup into the child's face. His parents rush to his aid as he jumps up and screams in pain.

It is not known if the family is suing the restaurant, but local media reported that the parents blame the restaurant. They say the pot of hot soup should have been delivered on a trolley and not by hand.

Watch the video here: