Fans of struggling football club turn to Taoist priests for help

WE have bomohs to help us keep the rain away during major sporting events, but fans of Henan Jianye FC in the Chinese Super League took spiritual intervention to a different level.

They sought the help of 15 Taoist priests to save their club from relegation. Henan Jianye FC were looking at demotion before their Sunday’s match against Shandong Luneng FC.

Henan Jianye FC had been in a rut, losing all their home matches in the last three months. Another defeat would see them relegated.

That was when the fans thought spiritual help was needed. Photos of the priests in blue and black robes praying and burning incence for the club's success at an altar have gone viral on Chinese social media.

One large banner reads “Heaven's will is that Jianye must win”.

The home team won, beating Shandong Luneng FC 2-1. However, the club was reprimanded by the China FA.

They assured the FA that well-meaning fans would be stopped from conducting “superstitious activities” again.