JITN 'a waste' of resources: MACC

BALIK PULAU: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has said the proposed National Integrity and Good Governance Department (JITN), is "a waste" of resources.

Its chief commissioner Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad said that the allocated budget for the JITN could be better utilised to beef up existing law enforcement units.

He noted that the new unit would undertake the same duties as the MACC.

"Apart from the MACC, we already have Suhakam and the Integrity Institute of Malaysia and others that do the same.

"Our budget has been cut, we have zero budget to improve our assets. Why not use (the funds for the MACC) instead?" he said at a press conference here today, after attending an anti-corruption programme in Madrasah Raiyah Islamiah in Balik Pulau.

He urged the federal government to consider thoroughly before approving this department to ensure the MACC still carries out its duty efficiently.

It was reported that Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Paul Low said the cabinet gave the green light for setting up JITN for transformational changes and it would help the MACC ensure that cases of abuse of power and graft are investigated thoroughly.

On DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang's refusal to submit a list of the party's candidates to the anti-graft agency for vetting, Dzuklifli said it is up to him.

He said the MACC never forced any party to submit a list of candidates to them but the anti-graft agency welcomes any party willing to do so.