Mountain where strangers have sex for luck (Video)

THERE is a mountain called Gunung Kemukus in Central Java where people go to to have sex with complete strangers for luck. The sex mountain gets 8,000 visitors on its peak nights.

The mountain is said to have the remains of Prince Pangeran Samodro who escaped there with Queen Nyai Ontrowulan, his stepmother, during the 16th century. They were murdered when they were discovered there having sex.

Over the centuries, people had been hiking up the mountain to partake in ritual conducted every 35 days, seven times, with the same stranger. Finishing the ritual was said to result in good fortune in business.

The sex pilgrims begin would place flowers on the graves of the murdered couple, wash themselves on the springs close by, and start looking for their unknown partner.

"Most people who do the ritual are small business owners. They hope that if they complete the ritual, their businesses will improve, make good money, and be successful," said Keontjoro Soeparno, psychologist from the University of Gadjah Mada.

Watch a documentary on the sex mountain here: