Movie review: Fireworks

OLIVIA and Dana have been best friends forever and they have each other's back.

Olivia has been training to be a star her whole life and Dana has been there on the sidelines cheering her on. Nothing can come between them – or so it seems.

During an audition for a new singing group in Orlando one weekend, Dana tags along to give support to Olivia and is 'discovered' by super producer Guy Monroe.

Dana has never sung before, except as Olivia's backup. But Olivia talks her into going for it, for no other reason than to keep her company and a chance to get out of a town where the only thing waiting for Dana are waitressing jobs.

Before you know it, the two are training to be pop stars together with two other girls.

Then, Dana meets Alex, the next big thing in the music scene. They fall in love. The only problem is, he happens to be Olivia's old crush.

Together with gruelling practice and constant competition among the girls, things start to shift for Olivia and Dana.

There's only one spot at the top and the girls must dig down deep to weigh whether friendship or fame matters more.

Fireworks is an explosive look at the complexities of friendship, the excitement of first love, and the thrills of being on the verge of fame and fortune.

You may be able to guess the direction the story is going at times but it is still a pleasant read.