Najib: Government aid more structured

KUALA LUMPUR: Government aid is distributed in a more structured manner than at a flat rate as the latter will only worsen the economic disparity, said Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

The Prime Minister said the introduction of seven types of discount cards for the target groups from various levels of society was one of the forms of government aid that helped to ease their burden.

These cards were the Friends of KPDNKK Card provided in general; the Ceria Card for residents of the Federal Territory; the OKU Card. the Siswa 1Malaysia Discount Card which serves as a debit card; the ATM Card and discount cards for tertiary students.

"Members of the security forces are also given special allocation with the 1Malaysia Privilege Card while the services of pensioners are also not forgotten with the provision of the Ex-Services Card and Government Pensioners' Card," he said via his latest entry in the blog,, today.

He said the discount card was among the various initiatives introduced previously so that they could continue to assist the people who were more in need to continue with their life.

"Policies to champion the cause of the less fortunate group will always be the priority of the present government," he said.

Najib pointed out that the government was concerned about the woes of the people regarding the increasing cost of living and out of this awareness, various initiatives had been carried out such as controlling the prices of certain essential goods.

"However, it is impossible to control all the goods under the present situation as the country's economy is becoming more complex," he said. — Bernama