MBPJ's decision to withdraw approval for security posts 'unnecessary' : Rajiv

PETALING JAYA: Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran has described the decision of Petaling Jaya City Council's (MBPJ) to withdraw approval for security posts in Jalan 16/7 residential area as "unnecessary".

He said there was a possibility that MBPJ had erred in coming to the decision, based on the reasons provided by the council in the notice of withdrawal.

"MPBJ had recommended that particular location (for the security posts). Maybe the current officer did not know what had transpired four years ago," he said.

"On the reason that the security was a micro guarded community, the guideline was meant for residential areas with intersecting roads.

"The guideline makes sense but it depends on the areas of residential. It must be applied properly and in this case, I really can't see the logic," he told reporters after meeting the representatives of the Jalan 16/7 Residents Association (RA).

The residential committee adviser Datuk Nuraina Samad on Thursday had said the residents received the withdrawal notice from MBPJ on Oct 3, and have been given 14 days to remove the two security posts, one at each end of the road.

The reasons given by MBPJ for the withdrawal of approval were because the security posts were a micro guarded security that was not serving the larger community and because they were placed on a reserved drainage.

Nuraina said MBPJ had given the approval to the community to set up the security posts four years ago which was to prevent crime there, following a spate of armed robberies in the area which has 39 units.

Rajiv said that he would pursue the matter further with MBPJ officials next week while waiting for the result of an appeal submitted by the community on Oct 4.

"I will bring the matter to the mayor (Datuk Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain) should they not cooperate after the next few days," he added.

Meanwhile, the RA's committee member on security Datuk Lokman Awang feared that the withdrawal would result in an increase of robbery in the area.

He added armed robbery was a serious threat in the area prior to the existence of security posts, with his house had been broken into three times.

"It was unprecedented that MBPJ had to reverse the approval despite having issued official approval four years ago," he said.

"The RA should have been given the chance to discuss with MBPJ before any decision was made. We are seeking mediation with the city council," he added.