‘I was left at a bus stand when I was 10 days old’ (Video)

MEDICAL student Mohamad Putera Zainuddin, 21, was abandoned at a bus stand in Kampung Megat, Jalan Marin, Kuantan, on Sept 23, 1996 when he was 10 days old.

A nurse found him well clothed, complete with mittens and a blanket. He was later taken to the Tenku Ampuan Fatimah Orphanage in June 1997.

Mohamad Putera was adopted when he was nine months old. His parents told him he was adopted when he was in kindergarten.

While he grew up loving his adopted parents in Muar, Johor, he had always wanted to know if his real parents were still around.

"I went back to the orphanage and looked up my file. I never blamed my parents for leaving me ... I am sure they had their reasons," he was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

"It seems like they were expecting my birth. I am sure there is a reason they left me.Even if I cannot locate my real parents, at least I want to meet the nurse who found me. If not for her, I may not be alive today."

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