Racist ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ game cancelled

A CANADIAN game developer has cancelled the release of its controversial mobile game "Dirty Chinese Restaurant" after an uproar over its racist theme.

Big-O-Tree Games shelved its plan to release the game that is denounced as blatantly racist and wildly offensive. The game has the player in charge of a Chinese restaurant which is sweatshop-like and semi-illegal.

The objective of the player is to turn the restaurant into a thriving establishment, but players are allowed to run the business as "honest or dishonest" as they desire, and they have the option of killing stray dogs and cats to serve to customers, or running the kitchen like a "sweatshop".

The game came under fire from the Chinese community there as well as the Chinese embassy in Canada. New York congresswoman Grace Meng has said "this game uses every negative and demeaning stereotype that I have ever come across as a Chinese American".

Big-O-Tree Games released a statement on Facebook last Thursday saying that it had decided to pull the game and has apologised to the Chinese community. It had earlier defended the game as satirical.

"After careful consideration and taking the time to listen to the publics opinion, we have decided it's not in anyone's best interest to release Dirty Chinese Restaurant," the statement read. "We would like to make a sincere and formal apology to the Chinese community and wish to assure them that this game was not created with an intentional interest of inflicting harm or malice against Chinese culture.

"Out of respect we will begin removing all marketing media pertaining to DCR off our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. These accounts will also be removed. We ask the press to please respect our privacy at this time as we begin the task of removing all our content."