The Go-Between

WHEN you think of ­immigrants, the stereotype of a poor underdog struggling to survive surfaces.

While it is usually true, there are exceptions. And Camilla del Valle – Cammie to her friends – is one.

In Mexico, her mother is a glamorous telenovela actress, and her father is a voice-over talent for blockbuster films.

Needless to say, hers is a world of private planes, ­chauffeurs, bodyguards, ­paparazzi, and gossip ­columnists.

When her mother is ­offered a role in an American ­television show, they move to LA, where things quickly change.

At the posh, private Polestar Academy, ­Cammie is ­assumed to be a scholarship kid, the daughter of a domestic.

And because her mother is playing the role of a maid, she declines to set them straight. Instead, she opts to play along with the stereotype, having fun at the
expense of her new friends.

But soon, the facade poses questions that Cammie must confront. Questions every immigrant wrestles with ...

This is a ­delightful ­coming-of-age story that not only ­entertains but also guides and teaches those who has to search for their true identity in a new – and sometimes hostile – ­environment that would be their new home.

Cammie is one of the few fortunate ones, and she is given an opportunity to see how the other side lives, and is the better for it.
How many of us can say the same thing?

A divine book.

– Author: Veronica Chambers

– Publisher: Delacorte Press

– IBSN: 9781524764760