Switch to Watsons and get rewarded

SWITCH your familiar brand items with Watsons Brand products and Watsons Malaysia might just switch out your old phone for a brand new Vivo V7+ smartphone.

From now until Oct 22, Watsons Malaysia will be giving out 14 new Vivo V7+ smartphones daily through its “Watsons Brand and Vivo Switch.Save.Win. Match The Receipt” contest.

The campaign encourages Watsons VIP customers to buy any Watsons Brand products, of which customers whose total spending matches closest to the randomly automated daily amount spent figure will win a phone. To find out what the daily amount is, visit Watsons Facebook page. The amount will also be displayed at Watsons stores during the contest campaign period.

“Watsons Brand and Vivo Switch.Save.Win. Match The Receipt” contest is part of Watsons Malaysia’s long-running campaign that encourages shoppers to switch to Watsons Brand products. The campaign was first launched last year.

The campaign aims to promote Watsons Brand products, all which undergo extensive research and development examination, as well as stringent quality control processes to create products that are safe and effective in meeting Watsons customers’ needs. The range of merchandise is extensive, covering everything from personal care items to beauty essentials, healthcare and wellness products, uncompromising in quality. For more information, visit the official Watsons Malaysia website or make that switch.