Perkeso: Employee Insurance Scheme a boon to retrenched workers

KUALA LUMPUR: Workers who lose their jobs due to retrenchments or companies closing down will not only receive compensation but they will also be matched to new jobs under the new Employee Insurance Scheme, says Perkeso.

Its chairman Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat said this is important in increasing the productivity of the country as it strives to achieve the status of a developed country.

"Under the Employee Insurance Scheme, we will help those who lose their jobs, they are not just compensated but Perkeso will also match potential jobs to them. We will help assist in looking for a replacement job. This is important to see our country reach the status of a developed nation," he said during the agency's Deepavali celebration.

He added that should something happen to Malaysia's currently stable economy and companies close down, such schemes would be beneficial to employees in the private sector.

"Who knows, due to some unforeseen reasons or due to external factor, companies start closing down, employees would be taken care off. Such schemes would be of assistance," Aseh said.

Under the Employee Insurance Scheme which is to be taken to Parliament this October, a contribution of 0.2% is borne by the employer and 0.2% by the worker.

"The minimum contribution will only be RM1.90. For such small amount, the benefits are huge," he added.

Meanwhile, he said the agencies efforts to get Uber and Grab drivers to register under the Self Employed Scheme is still not getting much response.

"Still not many drivers are coming forward although we can actually charge them because this is already a requirement by law but we want them to come forward to register."

If they fail to register, they can be fined RM10,000, be jailed 2 years or both.