IWK unveils new logo, tagline

KUALA LUMPUR: Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) yesterday unveiled its new logo, taking a more modern and simplistic approach, while maintaining most of its previous design elements.

It replaces the previous logo, which has been in use since 2011, and is said to be consistent with the changing times.

Keeping to the same font and blue and green colour palette, the company's refreshed logo has done away with the huge water wave placed at the bottom of the letters.

The simplistic approach in the new logo will also extend to all of its other future designs and prints, including bunting, posters and pamphlets.

IWK also unveiled its new tagline "New Life for Water", in line with its vision to become the premium waste water company.

Its chairman, Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang, who launched the new logo and tagline, said IWK aims to provide better services to the public in the future, for better health and environment.

"Also, the support shown by the government in providing better sewage system proves its far-sightedness," he said in his speech at the Glasshouse at Seputeh yesterday.

Later, when speaking to the press, IWK chief executive officer Faizal Othman said the new logo and tagline are aimed at enhancing the company's characteristics and make it more recognisable.

"And with the tagline, it's something that will drive us to capture new opportunities in the water industry, and not just stick to providing a sewage system."

IWK, which was established in 1994, now serves 24 million of the country's population across 87 local authorities, treating 5.4 million cubic metres of waste water daily.