Star Toto 6/50 to replace Grand Toto 6/63

PETALING JAYA: Sports Toto has introduced a new Lotto game Star Toto 6/50 to replace Grand Toto 6/63 from Oct 19 as part of the company's effort in improving the gaming experience for its customers.

With a minimum upfront Jackpot 1 of RM1,188,888.00, Star Toto 6/50 only requires RM1 to play by choosing six numbers ranging from 1 to 50.

Interestingly, Star Toto 6/50 also offers a Jackpot 2 with a minimum jackpot of RM100,000 by drawing an additional "bonus number", which gives the customers a greater chance to win more prizes.

Other than Jackpot 1 and 2, attractive third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh prizes of Star Toto 6/50 are RM2,008, RM788, RM28, RM18 and RM8 respectively.

To increase the chances of winning, Star Toto 6/50 is also available in the System Play and EZ-Bet playing methods, which offer customers the possibility to win both Jackpot 1 and 2 in the same draw through these playing methods.

If Grand Toto 6/63 Jackpot is not won by Oct 18, its jackpot pool will be carried forward to Star Toto 6/50 Jackpot 1, Power Toto 6/55 Jackpot and Supreme Toto 6/58 Jackpot in proportion to the games' odds of winning.