Late Yeoh Tiong Lay had always trusted, respected his children, grandchildren

KUALA LUMPUR: The late Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay was one who had always trusted and respected the younger generation in his family.

His wife Puan Sri Tan Kai Yong, in a statement today, said the YTL Corporation Bhd founder had never failed to help provide the best education for his children and grandchildren.

She added that as a father and grandfather, Yeoh had always been one to care a lot for his younger generations' moral character, as well as their unity.

"It was his hope that they would always be helping, supporting, and loving one another no matter what.

"All this stands as a testament of his trust and respect for our younger generations," she said.

Yeoh, who died on Wednesday aged 88, is survived by his wife and seven children. His eldest son, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh is the managing director of YTL Corporation.

Tan said the aspect of Yeoh that she valued most was his unwavering support and encouragement towards her, always giving constructive suggestions and actions.

"This made me feel as if there was absolutely nothing too difficult or impossible to achieve. In addition, I always had Tiong Lay's constant support in parenting," she said.

Describing Yeoh as a good husband, a filial son and a firm father, Tan said the former's down-to-earth attitude and integrity had also won him the respect and love of his acquaintances.

"He was also an ardent supporter of Chinese education and often showed concern for the Chinese community, not to mention his relentless charitable contributions," she said.

Tan added that Yeoh had constantly stressed to his family on remembering their cultural and family roots, and to be thankful for them.

Meanwhile, Yeoh's fourth son Datuk Seri Michael Yeoh Sock Siong, in his eulogy said while their family was not the most successful nor richest in Malaysia, his father was the one responsible for keeping the family very united through thick and thin.

"A lot of people ask us how we are so united as a family. The truth is, it was because of our father. We had him on Earth, we still have him in heaven now," he said.

Michael Yeoh added that the senior Yeoh was always close to his children and grandchildren, never missing any of their graduations.