Trader joins TUBE programme after failing thrice in business ventures

PEKAN: Watching a business you worked hard to develop 'folding up' is quite painful, what if the same thing happens three times, especially when it happens to someone else's business you have been entrusted to oversee.

This is what happened in the life of Azwan Ridwan Razali, 25, who now runs a small hair cutting business even though he actually holds a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Psychology from a local university.

He said difficulty in getting a job after graduating in 2015 caused him to venture into selling drinks (juices) around Kuantan with the intent of not troubling his parents.

"But I'm too raw for business because I have no clue how to manage the money properly. Do not know how to balance my income and expenses. As long as there is capital to carry out the business tomorrow.

"That's the reason I lost everything the first time and the same thing happened when I tried to trade the second time. The third time, I thought of learning and gaining experience by taking care of another person's business, but the same fate occurred and I feel sorry for the person," he told Bernama here.

However, Azwan Ridwan, who lives in Kampung Permatang Badak, Kuantan near here, refuses to give up and intends to get up again 'armed with a pair of scissors and comb', cutting hair.

Not wanting to make the same mistakes, he joined the 'Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera (TUBE) 2017' programme which was held at the National Service Training Programme Camp in Semarak here, for three weeks beginning Oct 1.

The experience of acquiring knowledge under the SME Corp Malaysia programme was a sweet experience for him as he was named the best trainee of the camp. — Bernama