Expat with ‘Taiwan’ tattoo on forehead held for DUI

A BRITISH-born man found Internet fame for having huge Chinese Chinese characters meaning "Taiwan" tattooed on his forehead and a Taiwan independence flag scrawled on his chin.

The expatriate, identified only as Paul, is the proprietor of "The Kayak Club," a bar in Kaohsiung's Yancheng district.

On Friday, he rocketed to fame for inking his face after a spirited debate over Taiwanese independence. He expressed regrets over his action in a Facebook page.

However, he was arrested on Tuesday morning for drink driving. The arresting officer pulled him over after noticing him driving his scooter erratically. The officer knew who he was from the tattoos on his face.

A breathalyzer test showed he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.82 milligrams of alcohol per litre of breath (mg/L), well above the legal threshold of 0.15 mg/l.

Paul has lived in Taiwan for 12 years. He claimed to be a naturalised Taiwan citizen after marrying a local woman six years ago.