Grab Malaysia urges govt to subsidise certain e-hailing rides

PETALING JAYA: Grab Malaysia country head Sean Goh is calling on the government to support the people who use public shared services by subsidising e-hailing rides.

This includes rides to and from designated transit stations and public amenities, including trips to government hospitals, sports hubs, libraries and urban trasformation centre (UTC) venues.

“This will help increase mobility and support public transportation with first mile/last mile gaps, especially in underserved populations. Eventually, together with the government, we aim to provide a seamless transit network, where our drivers are part of the public transportation system,” he said in a statement today.

He said Grab is also hoping for concessions in the form of excise duty rebates for Malaysian made cars that are used in service by the public through services like Grab.

“Via the Grab platform, the excise duty exemption will further boost affordable access to transportation for Malaysians while empowering Malaysians – especially our youth – who seek to explore their entrepreneurial aspirations.”

He noted that access to more affordable vehicles will allow Malaysians to consider driving for ride hailing services to supplement their income while boosting the local manufacturing industry and support for the national automakers.

“This would be of help to the Malaysian economy in general and the sharing economy in particular. It would also help ride hailing players continue to contribute to Malaysia’s growth story with jobs and accessibility.”

In addition, Goh said Grab will continue to give support to the government’s efforts to bring about a level playing field.