Happy Death Day

THE FILM starts with spoilt sorority girl Tree Gelbman (Rothe) waking up with a terrible hangover, in the bed of a total stranger named Carter (Broussard).

Disgusted by the fact that she has spent a night with a less ­popular guy in the college, Tree rushes back to her dorm.

It’s also her birthday, and her friends are throwing her a party. But just before it takes place, Tree is stabbed to death by ­someone in a freaky mask .

However, instead of dying, Tree wakes up in Carter’s bed again.

Soon, she realises that she must relive the same day, over and over, till she finds out the identity of the killer.

It is not an easy task. She is not a kind person and has many ­enemies. Even her own father seems to hate her. Can she solve her own murder?

The film offers nothing new in terms of plot. We have seen ­similar themes being repeated in other Hollywood films, such as ­Groundhog Day and Edge of ­

The story sounds interesting on paper but the execution was sloppy. The film has predictable, lame scary moments.

The performance of the cast is soulless, and nothing to shout about. They were just reading their lines. Perhaps the predictable script does not ­allow the cast to shine.

The only thing going for the film is that you will have a difficult time guessing the identity of the killer.

Despite these many ­weaknesses, strangely enough, I still enjoyed the film. So can you, but only if you go with no ­expectations.

— Cast: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard and Ruby Modine

— Director: Christopher Landon

— E-Value: 6

— Acting: 3

— Plot: 3