‘RM100 for meal at roadside stall, my hubby ate a mermaid?’

A DINER at a roadside stall was outraged after he was a slapped with a bill for RM100 for two plates of rice with seafood. His wife posted photos of his meal and the receipt on social media on Oct 23.

"Is the price of the food at this shop really like this? Or did my husband eat a mermaid?," she tweeted.

She said it was her husband's first trip to Pahang and he stopped for lunch at a roadside stall. They ordered two plates of rice with freshwater prawns and squid.

Portal Cari News contacted stall owner, Rohainee, who said she did not overcharge her customers.

"The giant freshwater prawns on one of the plates costs RM18 each, so two giant freshwater prawns add up to RM36. The giant freshwater prawns on the other plate are larger, so each costs RM23. Two for RM46," she said, adding that those are 'A grade' giant freshwater prawns.

She said 1kg of 'A grade' giant freshwater prawns costs RM80 and she sells them cooked at RM100. She added that some other eateries are charging customers RM120 for 1kg of giant freshwater prawns.