BUDGET 2018 : Margma praises the government's RM245m grant for facilities upgrade for smart manufacturing

PETALING JAYA : The Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (Margma) applauds the government's move to allocate the grant of RM245 million under the Domestic Investment Strategic Fund to upgrade facilities for Smart Manufacturing.

It said the incentive is in line with the Industry's aspirations to fully automate and modernize its manufacturing plants across the country.

Margma is also pleased with the extension of the incentive period for Accelerated Capital Allowance of 200% on automation equipment for manufacturing sectors from the year of assessment 2018 to 2020.

It also appreciates the government's incentive to assist the country's rubber tappers, including the allocation of RM200 million for rubber replanting programme and to provide infrastructures to increase production of latex which will raise the income of rubber smallholders.

"These incentives as announced in Budget 2018 will undoubtedly boost the industry export of rubber gloves and substantiate Malaysia's No.1 position as the leading producer of the medical examination and surgical gloves in the world", it said in a statement.