Tender loving care for your hair

What's your secret to beautiful hair ?

FEW if any brittle hair mars a woman's self-confidence. Her secret? A natural hair product sourced from raw ingredients that she pampers herself to a full regime of hair ritual despite the frenetic life of everyday chores.

Fundamentally, a good hair day leads to a boost of self-confidence and feeling empowered right at the start of the day.

Many of us may not admit it but the truth is, we do take pride in our tresses, taking beauty aspiration from friends and influencers for styling tips.

Essentially, it contributes greatly to our sense of individuality and contentment.

What causes hair to rebel?

We tend to treat our hair complications by tackling it with a chemical-laden shampoo, weighing it down even more than it already is before.

The toxicity of these hair care products will eventually build up on the scalp, clogging follicles which leads to thinning of hair, development of dandruff and dry hair.

You may think that mixing and matching hair care products from different brands and assembling them together form the ultimate hair ritual. But on the contrary, it may be the reason why your hair is rebelling.

What is your hair ritual?

There has been an increase of natural products infused with raw ingredients.

As natural beauty is slowly dominating the market – a study showed 61% of women regularly buy 100% natural or partially natural products, making up to 310 million women in Europe itself.

It is to our surprise that the harsh tropical climate and rapid humidity fluctuation in Malaysia are common factors that cause hair to rebel, other than having an imbalanced diet, poor sleeping schedule, stress and everyday pollution.

This calls for a good hair ritual that not only revitalises one's hair condition but also evokes a sense of well-being.

Different hair types naturally calls for different rituals.

Knowing the nature of your hair will provide an understanding of what needs to be done through a selection of products that will deliver you optimum results.

The best way to find out the benefits of products is by identifying the ingredients. Look out for essential oils that are formulated for the needs of your hair.

Find your hair's stronger nature

When it comes to managing hair loss, a concoction of coriander seed oil and castor oil boosts the stimulation of the scalp, encourages healthy hair growth and revitalises the hair from root to top.

Remarkably rich in Omega 6, Vitamin C and K, coriander seed oil has been used for centuries in traditional herbal fusion to activate scalp micro-circulation and reinforce hair fibre. It is a natural beauty remedy that helps in combating hair loss.

How to have vibrant hair?

Did you know that UV rays from sunlight also cause hair colour to fade? Women with coloured hair have experienced it and have undergone the agonising loss in maintaining the vibrancy of hair colour.

Sought to pay an extensive sum to preserve it through treatments and re-dyeing the hair, what if there is a way out? What if there is a method to slow down the inevitable course?

A mix of the purest essence of geranium oil and soja oil extract from soybean is a thrill for dull and coloured hair.

Famous for its antioxidant and cleansing properties, geranium oil holds an unprecedented colour repairing power in bringing back the radiance of dismal hair. Its sweet and rose-like aroma is used extensively to combat tension by releasing negative energy kept within the body and mind, leading to an overall sensory well-being.

Attentive care

It's a good idea to have a simple hair ritual at home.

Start off with a shampoo to strip away the grease and replenish mineral oils, followed by a conditioning balm to smoothen the strands and hydrating masque for moisture, then finish it off with a specially formulated treatment like a hair shine vinegar or a softening ointment for an extra tender loving care to complete the hair ritual.