Ease the queue at govt clinics

IT is so disheartening to see our doctors and pharmacists trying their level best to attend to the many patients lining the waiting halls in government clinics.

Even at 7am you can expect long queues of people waiting patiently to get their numbers either at the pharmacy or the outpatient department to see the doctor.

Yes, the pharmacists and the doctors are early.

They are performing a terrific service to the rakyat.

Officials from the Health Ministry and clinic/hospital administrators have a heart.

The desk men need to get out of their office to see what is happening on the ground to appreciate what their staff are doing.

It is pitiful to see patients lining up for numbers.

These include the elderly and parents with young children.

There are cushioned chairs at the waiting halls but they are empty because people are lining up.

Imagine the "pak ciks" and "mak ciks" standing patiently for a long time before the counters open.

Why can't there be staff controlling the dispensing machine like in banks giving numbers to everyone on a first-come first-served basis.

This way patients can sit and rest before they are attended to.

There are only four categories of people visiting government clinics: patients collecting their medication (pharmacy); those who are there for consultation with appointment; those without appointment; and those there for blood tests.

Four series of numbers can be given out according to the patient's need.

As typical of Malaysians there will be those who come late and cut queues, oblivious to those who came earlier.

Tan Lye Kiat