Hello DBKL, Kepong Baru calling

Promise of better DBKL feedback after dialogue (Letters, Nov 6) refers. That the FT minister responded surprises me.

I am concerned that there are many telco towers in Kepong Baru and Segambut. Each tower is less than 1km apart. When I checked with Telekom a few years ago, I was informed that it was a project by DBKL.

DBKL's response shocked me. An officer said the towers were put up to improve internet services.

Are there qualified people in DBKL to certify that these telco towers are safe and not detrimental to people's health.

I have sent repeated emails to DBKL asking them to explain but until now there has been no response.

Similarly, I had complained to DBKL about clogged drains and rats in Kepong Baru but these problems were not completely solved.

I was told by a DBKL personnel that workers had placed baits at various spots in the area to poison the rats. This was three years ago and I do not see any improvement.

More stalls are being set up by the road side but DBKL does not take any action. Its workers are instead instructed to clear fruit trees and vegetables planted by residents near playgrounds. Why is it wrong to plant fruit trees but all right to have unlicensed stalls?

Can DBKL or the Federal Territory minister explain why a ratepayer is not getting proper responses from City Hall?

Kepong Baru Resident
Kuala Lumpur