Student goes blind two weeks before SPM but still sits for exams

SPM CANDIDATE Khairulimran Adam, 17, has gone blind just two weeks before the examination but that has not stopped him from sitting for his papers.

He managed to complete his Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 on Monday with the help of an invigilator from the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate.

"Two years ago, I was able to see very clearly, but when I was taking my PT3, my eyes suddenly started having problems. I got treatment and went for an operation in the Selayang Hospital, and my sight was back to normal," Berita Harian quoted Khairulimran as saying.

"On Oct 23, I noticed my vision was obstructed by black patches and became very blurry after finishing my prayers in school. I quickly called my mother when I noticed what was happening.

"The next day, my family brought me to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) before I was referred to Selayang Hospital once again. There, the doctor told me my chances of regaining my eyesight were very slim."

Khairulimran underwent a four-hour surgery in efforts to repair his cornea on Oct 27.

The student, who scored 7A's and 2B's in his trial exams, was registered to take nine subjects. However, he has had to drop one of his subjects, Visual Arts, due to his situation.

"I love to read, especially when it comes to religious subjects, so I accept that this hardship Allah has given me will lead me to something greater. That's what motivates me to carry on and sit for my exams," he said.

Johor's Health, Environment, Education, and Information chairman, Datuk Ayub Rahmat, said he has contacted HSA to arrange for Khairulimran to sit for his exams in the hospital as a special candidate.

"This is to enable him to sit for his papers in a comfortable environment, because I understand that he had to undergo a procedure that requires him 15 hours of rest a day to help his cornea heal," Ayub said.