Video game releases for November 7: 'Sonic Forces,' 'Football Manager 2018,' 'Need for Speed: Payback'

AMONG video games arriving on November 7 and in the days following, "Need for Speed: Payback" does its best to channel the spirit of a "Fast and Furious" movie, "Mario Party: The Top 100" compiles a ton of minigames for multiplayer fun, Sega's mascot brings both classic and modern styles to "Sonic Forces", "Super Lucky's Tale" offers cute nostalgia and all-age accessibility, and there are conversions of the highly rated "Nioh" and "Doom" for PC and Switch respectively.

Nioh, from Nov 7, for Windows PC

Nine months on from the PlayStation 4 release of this critically and commercially successful action adventure, "Nioh" expands its audience through availability on Windows PC. 17th-century sailor William becomes a Japanese Samurai and sets off in pursuit of demon beasts that flourish during a time of war.

Sonic Forces, from Nov 7

For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, WinPC
Not even three months on from the roundly praised "Sonic Mania" and it's already time for another Sonic excursion. This one reverts to the style of "Sonic Generations", with different sections taking place from classic 2D and modernized 3D perspectives.

Super Lucky's Tale, from Nov 7, for XBO, WinPC

Swapping exclusivity on Oculus Rift for Microsoft's console and computer systems, this cute and colorful all-age sequel to bushy-tailed fox jaunt "Lucky's Tale" recalls retro classics "Super Mario 64" and "Banjo-Kazooie" but does so only a month on from a well-received debut for fellow nostalgia trip "A Hat in Time".

Doom, from Nov 10 in North America; late Dec in Japan, January internationally For Switch

The latest iteration of a brutal shooter franchise arrives on Nintendo's latest console of choice, save for its SnapMap feature, allowing players to blast through levels filled with monsters and arenas filled with competing players (available through a separate, associated download).

Mario Party: The Top 100, from Nov 10, for Switch

A mass of minigames sourced from the ten previous "Mario Party" digital board games released over the past ten years. A good pick for those wanting a Nintendo-brand family-friendly multiplayer alternative to March launch title "1-2 Switch."

Football Manager 2018 ,from Nov 10 , for WinPC, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android

Steer any one of 2,500 licensed club teams to glory or into the gutter through transfer market know-how and strategic skill. Squad dynamics, improved matchday graphics, and a redesigned tactics screen are among annual improvements. Includes the streamlined "Football Manager Touch", also available separately.

Need for Speed: Payback, from Nov 10, for PS4, XBO, WinPC

Despite tie-ins for "Forza Horizon 2" and "Rocket League," the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise has never really received a top-tier video game adaptation. EA's "NfS: Payback" offers a shortcut to living that dream, with a crime thriller plot that features cinematic set pieces as mission goals.