From children’s art to toy

INTERNATIONAL furniture and home furnishing retailer Ikea has, for the third consecutive year, made the dreams of 10 creative young minds from around the globe come true with its soft toy drawing competition as part of Ikea's Let's Play for Change campaign.

This year's winning artwork came from Poland, Germany, Russia, Austria, Bulgaria, Australia, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

The quirky winning designs have been turned into cuddly plush toys and included in this year's limited-edition Sagoskatt collection.

All revenue from the sale of these plush toys will be directed towards child playtime and development efforts in dire communities across the world.

Children's Ikea product developer Bodil Fritjofsson said: "The 10 winning drawings are a lovely mixture of imaginary animals. Simply wonderful personal combinations of colours, shapes, and expressions that spark my own imagination".

They included a flying unicorn-inspired dachshund complete with rainbow wings to a purple monster with magical horns, with Fritjofsson likening the competition to an invitation into the way little ones view life.

Eight-year-old Caroline from the US created a multi-coloured cloud, showcasing her bright and positive take on life.

Caroline, whose cloud character lives in a pink-hued sky, said: "She loves to visit places with more clouds like her where she can spread joy to lots of people".

Meanwhile, seven-year-old Shane from the United Arab Emirates displayed cheeky innocence in his creation inspired by the timid lion from The Wizard of Oz, remarking: "Even though he's a lion, he has the name 'Tiger', since I was in a hurry when I named him".

Now, Malaysian children aged four to 12 years can get a chance to have their creations turned into plush toys that will be sold all over the world.

Join the fourth annual Ikea soft toy drawing competition from Nov 3-19, open to all Ikea Family and Småles members.

For more, visit the Ikea Malaysia website.