MPO invites you to The Great Chipmunk Picnic

Go on a magical and hilarious adventure with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) as it provide the music for The Great Chipmunk Picnic that will be staged at Dewan Filhramonik Petronas (DFP) KLCC on Nov 12 at 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

You will get to Meet Leopold the Leopard and his best friend, a talking tree, who will entertain and delight the audience, young and old, accompanied by Beethoven's enchanting Symphony No.6.

Of all of the composer's symphonies, the Sixth is the only one that is said to have a programmatic content, where its music evokes images, ideas and events. Nicknamed Pastoral, the music is used to vividly convey life in the countryside.

The music acts as a natural musical accompaniment to the aforementioned story; a perfect setting for a picnic and complementing the magical events as the story unfolds. Listen to the evocative sounds conjuring the images of bird calls, flowing water, thunder and lightning, via the MPO under the baton of Naohisa Furusawa.

Making their debut on the DFP stage as presenters are show creator Victor Yerrid, and puppeteer Jess McKay.

Yerrid is a world renowned puppeteer whose work in children's television includes Sesame Street, Hannah Montana, Bear in the Big Blue House as well as films such as  Men in Black IIThe Hangover and Forgetting Sarah Marshall

McKay's puppetry credits include Henson Alternative's Puppet Up, Smashed Potatoes with Muffalo Potato and Swazzle.

More details on the concert are available on the MPO website. Please click HERE to be redirected.