Acclaimed award

ST.JOHN'S International School (SJIS) has done it again. Attaining "Top at Malay Language" for the recent International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) June 2017 examinations, two of SJIS' students have secured the best scores in the Malay language.

A reputed top international school in Kuala Lumpur, this achievement adds on to the already illustrious track record of SJIS, further displaying that the school produces amazing students with excellent results.

Though Chinese by descent, Isaac Lee Kian Min and Isabelle Lim Ning have successfully mastered the Malay language, and will be awarded at the prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards ceremony on Nov 27.

Conveying their gratitude and acknowledgement to SJIS, especially to their teachers who were instrumental in their success, Isaac and Isabelle further extended their appreciation for the full support given by their parents, teachers and school throughout their studies and examinations.

The "crème de la crème" brilliant duo are of the opinion that other students should take up the IGCSE Malay language subject, and they view that these students could perform equally well in the subject, as SJIS provides the best possible conducive learning environment.

The aforementioned awards are only accorded to exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations globally, as the primary intent of these awards is the celebration and recognition of the success by selected high-performing Cambridge learners, which include the "Top in Country", "Best Across" and "High Achievement" categories.

Prior to this, SJIS had been accorded "Top in Malaysia" for the IGCSE May-June 2016 examination for the Malay language subject. A non-Malay student by descent, Pavindran had demonstrated an excellent mastery of Malay under the coaching and guidance of the Malay language teachers at SJIS.

At SJIS, the school is committed towards achieving their vision and mission; to be leaders in the provision of a first-class, well-rounded holistic education within a stimulating learning environment.

Furthermore, the school endeavours to secure its mission in inspiring every student with the fortitude to grow into respected and trusted leaders of the community by accomplishing academic, personal and social goals founded on the holism of faith, knowledge, critical thinking, creativity and excellence.

Supported by a dedicated teaching faculty that walks the extra mile towards the achievement of academic excellence in its students, SJIS has formed a conducive and tight kinship network among the school's citizens that provides a thriving learning environment for potential talents to flourish.