New ball game

FOOTBALL, a game that is loved by the rich and the poor, has improved tremendously over the years with highly skilled and technically trained players who perform with world-class standards; bringing anxiety, thrill and joy to fans around the world.

Today, every country in Asia and South East Asia are investing in the football business. In Singapore, organisations such as the Goal Keeping Academy has a six-year plan to produce fast-paced talents developing them into players with world-class technical competency.

Other countries like Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are also seriously funding this sport through various stakeholders. India has started its own soccer league and with a population of 1.2 billion, one can imagine how this business will explode in the region.

The men in jerseys foresee a bright future playing the sport. The people and management who support the sport foresee profitable returns. With all the funding, the world of football is expecting the business to perform extremely well.

Cyberlynx International College's football programme was developed by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals from academic institutions and football practitioners from the UK to meet the requirements of the industry. The programme's philosophy is to help students become mentally, technically and physically prepared as players and managers.

Therefore, emphasis is given on the importance of the game in sport science, coaching education, refereeing, facilities management, local community competitions management, talent development, elite player development, analytical mind development, grass-root support creation for calculating value, social bonding and development of life skills.

The Diploma in Football Studies dubbed as "the dream course" leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Football Studies and Business Management.

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