Transforming life, enriching future

MANAGEMENT & Science University (MSU) is one of Malaysia's top universities, with a focus on developing and delivering quality human capital in national and global critical-need areas; among them, Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Information Sciences, and Engineering, besides Business Management & Professional Studies, Education & Social Sciences, Hospitality & Culinary, and Music & Fashion.

MSU has been accorded "Excellent Status University" twice on the national university-rating system SETARA, and The Most Entrepreneurial Private University 2016, both by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. The most recent recognitions to MSU include Best Brand in Education for Leadership and Human Capital Development 2017, awarded at the Asia Pacific Elite of Elites BrandLaureate Awards.

For its Teaching, Facilities, Graduate Employability, Social Responsibility, and Inclusiveness, MSU rates Five Stars on the QS World Universities Rating System. MSU recently entered QS World Universities Ranking for the first time, placing 217th among the top 1.8% of the best universities in the QS Asia Ranking 2018.

As Malaysia's best teaching and learning university, MSU gives top priority to building both students and faculty and enhancing graduate employability. Engaging highly qualified academics and international visiting professors, the university delivers compelling learning experiences within the framework of a holistic curriculum.

Collaborative, industry- and enterprise-embedded MSU blends global exposure with extensive industrial training to enrich the personal competencies of its graduates.

Its global mobility initiatives for student exchange, leadership development, and market immersion empower MSU graduates with the well-roundedness desired and sought after by employers.

A tracer study by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) shows 98.6% MSU graduates successful at securing employment within six months of their graduation.

Steeped in a culture of research and innovation as well as social entrepreneurship, technology-driven MSU comprises the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, the Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies, the Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering, the International Medical School, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Education & Social Sciences, the School of Hospitality & Creative Arts, the School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate School of Management and the Centre for Fundamental Studies.

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