Chevron assist Penang flood victims

CHEVRON Malaysia Limited, in partnership with one of its branded marketers, Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd, today organised a community outreach to those affected by the recent floods in the state of Penang.

Care packages comprising monetary donations for back-to-school items, essentials and dry food items including rice, cooking oil, packs of toiletries as well as blankets were distributed to 400 families that have been relocated and taking up shelter in the flood relief centres in the state. Working in tandem, both Chevron and Pen Petroleum handed out the care packages directly to the affected families in that community.

Chevron’s representative, vice-president of Chevron International Products (Asia Pacific Region), Peng Xiao Fei, who was on-site at Permatang Pauh for the flood relief efforts said: “After one of the worst floods that the state has seen, we believe that every bit of help counts. We sincerely hope that our contributions will assist the affected families to get back on their feet again, but we are glad to see that the state, especially the island, is improving.”