Movie review: Justice League

THE good news is that this is way better than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it lacks the warmth of Wonder Woman.

Nonetheless, it is an entertaining enough movie, with enough ­wisecracks, action (the fight scenes are epic), and superheroes to leave any fan of this movie genre in rapture.

If you can overlook some (blink and you will miss them) flaws in the CGI, you will be okay.
The story is essentially about Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Affleck) discovering a new threat that could mean the end of the world.

Along with new ally Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gadot), they try to recruit other meta-humans to help them fight cosmic conqueror Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds in motion capture), and his Parademons, bug-like creatures who are drawn to fear.

Steppenwolf is intent on finding three Mother Boxes that, once united, will be a power so destructive that it will bring about the end of the world.

Initially reluctant – until circumstances force them to change their minds – Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (Momoa), Victor Stone aka Cyborg (Fisher), and Barry Allen aka The Flash (Miller) come onboard but discover that the threat is insurmountable.

This forces Batman to convince his new allies to make a very difficult, and dangerous decision.
This being a Snyder film – although The Avengers director Joss Whedon oversaw some helpful reshoots – action takes centre stage.

There is a skirmish between the Amazons and Steppenwolf; a Lord of the Rings-style battle between Steppenwolf's army against the combined army of Atlanteans, Amazons, gods and man; and two big fights between the members of the developing Justice League and the baddies.

The movie also brings back characters from previous DC movies and gives them just the right amount of screen time.

On the downside, a lot of things are left unexplained, and The Flash's running style looks cartoonish.

Also, stay back for two after-credit scenes worth watching.