Penang MCA gears up for 14th GE

BUTTERWORTH: Penang MCA has initiated its state election machinery to prepare for the General Election.

State party liaison chairperson Datuk Tan Teik Cheng said the objective was to reach out to its grassroots supporters.

With an early start, Tan believes the party could build up momentum to face off with its arch-rival, the DAP.

Tan, who is also a MCA central committee member, said that it is vital for MCA to reach out to the grassroots level as it can help the party to bridge the gap with DAP.

"Therefore, we have carried out a few series of activities to engage our grassroots by holding informal programmes, such as coffee shop chats or casual dinners. We want a two-way communication channel to be opened with them."

The early start was to also enable the party to gain feedback on what the people want, Tan said.

Based on its records, the party has 70,000 members out of a total of 600,000 Chinese voters in the state.

According to Tan, the MCA may be able to win some seats in the state if they have the mandate from the grassroots.

"I believe MCA candidates can win some seats if our members and the Umno voters work together," he added.