Home to entrepreneurs

AS a university that stresses the importance of graduate employability and entrepreneurial capabilities, the Management and Science University (MSU) works closely with industries to ensure they are relevant to current needs.

The creation of an entrepreneurial eco-system across its curriculum provides students with an environment that nurtures them to be deeply rooted with entrepreneurial know-how.

Ricky Toong is an exceptional example of being exposed to the university's culture of entrepreneurship. Having graduated with a Master in Business Administration (MBA), he went into entrepreneurial mode and chose a path less taken by peers of his generation when he decided to farm chicken.

Although this had elicited laughter at the start, Toong kept at it and chose to study on halal chicken production.

"My biggest challenge used to be the chickens' mortality rate where I had 2,000 dead chickens in one day. After learning and changing the things I do, I managed to bring the rate down to 5% from the usual 10% and 15%.

"The chickens' diet is also a challenge to maintain because their feed has to be sourced and put together from various suppliers such as soy excess from tofu manufacturers and coconut excess from kaya (coconut jam) producers.

"Also dealing with people from suppliers to customers is always a challenge in any business. This skill is not something taught in university. You are taught to be nice, but in business there are a lot of competition and so you learn to be strong instead," he said.

Toong is currently pursuing his PhD in Business Administration. He feels grateful to his family, colleagues and staff at MSU Graduate School of Management for all their support and encouragement.

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