Syndicates are becoming more creative in producing drugs: Lee

KUALA LUMPUR: The drug scourge has become more dangerous than ever with new drugs flooding the market and syndicates turning to more innovative ways to attract as many users as possible, said Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

Lee said that there was a synthetic drug that could turn its users into "zombies" and new psychoactive substances that could produce more dangerous hallucinations with those consuming them to become extraordinarily active, aggressive and crazy.

While stressing that the younger generation had an important role in fighting drugs, Lee said members of the community should also act as the eyes and ears of the authorities to help tackle the problem.

"The time has come for each and every one of us to play our roles to help save Malaysia from drugs using an innovative and holistic approach," he said in a statement today.

Lee said as synthetic drugs could be produced just by learning from the Internet, it had become tougher to tackle the drug scourge and that it could only be addressed through close collaboration among the relevant parties.

"We need to remember that apart from destroying the lives of victims and their family members, drug addiction can also cause various problems such as crime, social illnesses and the spread of diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis," he said. — Bernama