16-year-old boy beaten to death for theft

MALACCA: A Form Four student who was savagely beaten up allegedly by his uncle and two other men for stealing his grandfather's cash died minutes after being sent to the Melaka General Hospital on Wednesday.

In a minute-long video of the assault which was captured at a ramshackle shed at an unknown location, the victim who was only clad in a pair of trousers was repeatedly whipped with a garden hose and a stick by at least two men.

The video which went viral in the social media today also showed victim admits to stealing RM4,000 from his grandfather which he claimed he had used to treat his friends.

At one point, the boy screams and cries for the assault to stop when the beating becomes unbearable.

The victim who was identified as M.Arunasalam, 16, of Tangkak, Johor was found unconscious at a bus stop in Ayer Keroh by passers-by who sent him to the hospital.

However, the teenager died 30 minutes later despite efforts to save him was made by medical personnel.

Police was quoted saying yesterday that there were no identification on the boy when he was found but police managed to trace his identity.

Melaka Tengah deputy police chief, Supt Mohd Kamal Zainal said police have classified the case as murder and identified three suspects including the victim's uncle who are all in their 30's.