Chemistry report pending for driver who allegedly crashed into marathon runners

SERDANG: Police are still awaiting the chemistry report on the driver who allegedly mowed down marathon pacer Evelyn Ang Loo on Sunday, according to Selangor police chief Commissioner Datuk Mazlan Mansor.

"Blood samples were taken by investigators shortly after the driver was detained and have been sent to the Chemistry Department for tests. I can't confirm for now. It is still too early to ascertain if the driver drove under influence," he said after attending the Selangor Police Chief's Cross Country Cup at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park today.

According to Mazlan, the 27-year-old driver was not remanded and released after having his statements taken, because the incident did not result in death. He also pointed out that police had yet to receive a report from the Sports Commissioner on the matter.

"We will investigate the case from all angles once they (Sports Commissioner) lodge a police report. However, we have started an investigation for careless driving under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act," he said, adding that the driver may be called up later if required.

Ang remains unconscious after undergoing surgery.

Ang, 44, was among three people hit by a car at around 4.30am on Sunday, along Jalan Kapar Batu 2 in Klang during a pace routine.

She suffered serious head injuries, including a skull fracture.

The other two victims – Amiruddin Hamid, 37, and Ahmad Hadafi Jus, 42, – sustained light injuries.

The 27-year-old driver allegedly lost control of his vehicle and rammed into the runners from behind. The police had confirmed that he was not driving while intoxicated, as his urine test came up negative.