Preparation is everything

TWO champions build one global team: NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid C.F. are rolling out their partnership in 70 countries.

For the kickoff of their global collaboration, NIVEA MEN showcases the importance of preparation, thus activating men worldwide to unlock their full potential in their everyday lives.

NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid have been successful partners since 2013 in select countries. Now, Stefan F. Heidenreich, Beiersdorf chairman of the Executive Board and Florentino Pérez Rodriguez, club president of Real Madrid C.F. have signed a five-year contract extending their partnership globally. "Modern football and men care make a great match, both standing for values like confidence, togetherness, passion and mastery. Therefore, we are excited to bring our cooperation with Real Madrid to a global level," says Heidenreich.

Real Madrid has more than 500 million fans worldwide and is the club with the highest brand value (FORBES 2013-2016). "Men around the world share a big passion for football," says Thomas Ingelfinger, Executive Board member Europe, Beiersdorf AG.

"Positioning NIVEA MEN and its care products in this environment enables a powerful, emotional bond with the male target group." An international study [Online survey conducted by Statista in November 2017, on behalf of Beiersdorf AG covers 250 men between 18 and 69 per country: Austria, Bolivia, Chile, China, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.] that accompanies the global partnership rollout underlines the relevance of bringing together NIVEA MEN with the Real Madrid team: 71% of men confirmed that they have more trust in the quality and performance of products or brands when they know that they are being used by professionals.

"Besides our values, the importance of thorough preparation strongly binds NIVEA MEN and football together. Being prepared makes men feel better in their skin and more self-confident," continues Ingelfinger. "Even superior talent is nothing without confidence: believing in yourself, your skills and in your team is what has the power to rule the game."

NIVEA MEN is using the global rollout of the partnership with Real Madrid to activate men to unlock their full potential by preparing themselves for the challenges in their everyday lives – because preparation proves to be one of the greatest sources for self-confidence.

The study was conducted among 18-to-69-year-old men in 19 countries and reveals: 92% of men consider feeling good in their skin as relevant for their performance, be it in sports or at work.

Furthermore, 79% of men in the study confirm that sport professionals and their preparation routines are a valuable source of inspiration to enhance their own preparation and performance.

NIVEA MEN therefore offers an exceptional look behind the scenes of Real Madrid: In a video, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Isco and Lucas Vázquez share personal insights from the locker room. Fans get to know the "men behind the players" – their rituals, their motivations and their preparation techniques.

"Thanks to the trusting collaboration with Real Madrid, we are able to give football fans such moments of unique closeness," says Ingelfinger.

"Through this we inspire men to prepare and become the best possible versions of themselves." Throughout the five-year contract, NIVEA MEN will continue to innovate and produce a wide range of marketing activities featuring Real Madrid players as protagonists across touchpoints like point of sales, TV, in-stadium and social platforms. With the digital power of both brands, online activities will remain a major focus to address the target group.