Gayo Korea House opens in George Town

GEORGE TOWN: Penang's inaugural Korean K–Pop Cafe opened its restaurant today in George Town.

Also known as Gayo Korea House, the cafe is located in the heart of heritage George Town at 161, Lebuh Pantai.

Gayo in Korean means pop music, and that includes K–Pop music.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who officiated the opening, said World Golden Warriors Entertainment, the parent company of Gayo Korea House, has played a significant role in developing Penang as a destination for megatainment and connecting people to the K–Pop world.

He added that in 2017 alone, the company had organised three concerts in Penang, two of which were K–Pop concerts staging top-notch K–Pop artists.

"With today's new food outlet, we can expect more Korean acts in the future. We hope to see more Koreans in Penang in the future," he said during his speech.

Lim noted that there are approximately over 3000 Koreans living here in Penang, and the positive growth of Penang has lured many expatriates from around the world to invest in the state.

Also present to witness the official grand opening were the Chief Minister's strategic advisor Datuk Saifuddin Nasution, Chairman of Penang Chapter of Malaysian Association of Hotels Khoo Boo Lim, Managing Director of World Golden Warriors Entertainment Hendrick Huang, and Danny Kim, the Director of Gayo Korea House

Huang said the company is proud of its new 'baby' Gayo Korea House in Penang.

Besides being considered one of the longest cafes in Penang, Gayo Korea House is also the first Korean pork free restaurant in the state.