Girl survives after skull cracked open by train while taking selfies

Ely (right) and her friends having their selfie taken. — Pix from Facebook
Passers-by keep watch over Ely while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. — Pix from Facebook

A TEENAGER had her skull cracked open by a speeding train while she was taking selfies with her friends by the railroad in Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia.

Ely Hayati, 16, was lucky to survive as the train could have crushed her to death had she been any closer to the tracks.

According to a recent report of The Sun of UK, the impact sent Ely flying a few feet from where her friends were kneeling.

Disturbing photos posted on Facebook showed Ely on the ground with her skull open.There was also a photo of Ely getting her scalp sewn back together at the hospital.