Power player on the rise

AINEE Suhaidi is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. In 2015, she established her namesake label and has presented her collections in Vancouver Fashion Week along with Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. The internationally focused creative is on a quest to build a presence in Malaysia with her tenets of design.

Her collections are not necessarily designed based on a particular concept, but more of growing out of each other and developing within the process, thus positioning herself out of the normcore and into a domain of timelessness. She's not relying on seasonal fashion trend to remain relevant.

"In terms of design, we are not as innovative as Balenciaga or any other brands, but we believe in classic pieces; it's about ready-to-wear, not couture pieces," says Ainee.

The latest demonstration of Ainee's characteristic in garments making is showcased in her latest collection, Khalisee, that draws upon the functional yet laid-back travel wear for inspiration –the epitome of jet-setters who never comprises style or comfort.

Yet, she empowers the wearer through its immaculate lines, sharp tailoring and textured motifs.

"Khalisee is nothing about complicated design because they are statement pieces," says Ainee.

An oversized signature kimono in a white textured woven fabric with contrasting black lapel transforms the practicality and rigidity of travel wear redefined in a breathable fabric that drapes comfortably on the body.

While the designs blend between the delicate and tough, traditional and modern, Ainee takes wearability firmly into account; each piece is buildable and brought to life through various styles. It has never been about constructing something to simply exist, but rather something when being worn by someone, continues to develop in its own way.

Concentrating on the bigger picture, each collection is conceived out of her genuine devotion to support women through togetherness that is usually absent in many, even more so when fashion is a social construct. The garments become an extension in building identities and potentially form a sense of unity.

Joining the ongoing theme of female empowerment, the collections are essentially an ode to the strong and confident to show that women are able to connect with each other and be jointly empowered.

"It is important that all these powerful women uphold the idea of togetherness as they walk side by side and be empowered by each other.

"The Ainee Suhaidi women are independent, bold and classy. When they wear the pieces, they feel like they can conquer the world so it's not just being confident, it's also about feeling good about yourself," Ainee explained.

With only a few weeks left before the new year, Ainee is in the midst of crafting the Spring/Summer '18 collection due out in March.

"The new collection is uniquely fearless with an edge of sexy yet not revealing too much skin. It is about the fabric textures and design cuts that come together to enhance it. It also holds a rare sentimental value to me," revealed Ainee as she kept us longing for more.