'Santa, all I want for Christmas is a dictionary!'

SINGAPORE: Merry Crashmas from the Bandicoots!!

That was the Christmas greeting from Crash Bandicoot, a franchise of platform video games, to its 600,000 over followers on its Facebook page.

It is understandable that 'Crashmas' was used as it makes reference to an anthropomorphic bandicoot named "Crash", the protagonist of the game series.

The unique wish along with a photo of Crash sitting in front of a fireplace was welcomed by the followers, with more than 650 sharing it so far.

But that was not the case when greetings extended by Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) and Singapore train operator SBS Transit were misspelled 'Mary' and 'Marry', respectively. Both organisations apologised for their mistakes.

A Malaysia Airports bunting at the Kota Baru airport had read 'Mary Christmas' and 'Happy New Years' while the SBS Transit electronic greeting at an MRT station said "Marry Christmas'.

Perhaps, Santa Claus may have to start distributing pocket dictionaries as gifts.

"… it happens everywhere. It may be the result of the language of the present generation," commented a Facebook user by the name of ShantyNur MamaIsyqi. Most of her friends, apparently from the media fraternity, concurred with her.

She said the superiors of those who misspelled the words seem to have assumed that nobody could make such a mistake with the short wish as 'Merry Christmas'.

Another Facebook user, by the name of Laili 'Lye' Rahman, said she felt really upset as some people had taken their jobs lightly.

"There is no gatekeeper anymore? Now, nobody does a double, triple check?" she asked. — Bernama