Woman ingests 152 metal objects to overcome iron deficiency (Video)

SURGEONS found 152 metal objects including nails in the stomach of an elderly Russian woman after she was admitted to a hospital in Ulan-Ude, 233km north of the Mongolian border in south-east Russia.

The 74-year-old, only known as Nina, was complaining of a high temperature, but medical staff were shocked to discover the cause of her illness on X-rays.

She told doctors that is she anaemic and she believed that eating metal objects would help her with her iron levels, the Daily Mail reported.

Among the objects found in her stomach were long nails, large screws, bolts, a door catch and scrap metal - some15cm - in length. She had also swallowed a silver necklace.

Local newspapers reported that the woman said she started eating metal some 14 years ago.

"No one apart from her knows how long these objects have been inside her," said a source at the Semashko Republic Regional Hospital.

The doctors said there were no serious injuries to her stomach or throat.

Watch the endoscopy video here: