Elderly commuters in a fix

WHILE our government is introducing and adding avenues for rendering assistance to elderly citizens, RapidBusKL, a government-owned company has withdrawn assistance to elderly citizens.

RapidBusKL had since 2009, a RM50 monthly bus-pass which elderly commuters could buy. This bus-pass enabled the elderly commuter unlimited travel on RapidBusKL routes for the month concerned. The commuter could break the journey at any destination as many times as required; on boarding and re-boarding all the senior citizen had to do was show his monthly bus-pas to the bus captain and get seated.

I went to the RapidBusKL terminal in Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur on Dec 29 to buy my RM50 monthly pass for this month.

I was informed by the staff at the terminal that the RM50 monthly pass was not available for elderly commuters from this month. I was told to buy a Touch n Go card for half the normal fare rate with all its limitations on travel compared to the RM50 monthly pass.

I estimate that my monthly travel costs will increase to at least RM120 if I use the Touch n Go card in my daily travels.

I am sure many other elderly commuters face the same predicament.

I urge top management of RapidBusKL to review their decision to drop the RM50 monthly pass for elderly commuters.

Warga-Emas 71